Admission Procedures

Admission Process for New Students

Step 1 - How to Apply

1 - Complete the Application Form.

2 - Submit the Application Form, all relevant documents and the application fee of RM500 (non-refundable) to the school.
3 - Payment of the application fee may be made via cheque, cash or credit card. Cheque payable to Planetarium international Sdn Bhd.

Step 2 – What’s Next?

1 - The school will schedule a PLACEMENT ASSESSMENT for prospective students.

2 - The purpose of the entrance assessment is to evaluate the capability of the applicant in basic subjects, in particular, the competency of English Language so that the applicant can access the full curriculum which will be conducted in English.

3- All potential student will be assessed in their appropriate year group as follows:
I) Reception & Grace 1: An interview session.
II) Grade 2 to Grade 6 : English and Mathematics online MCQ assessment.
III) Grade 7 to Grade 10: Written task in English math and science.

4 - Admission of a student into PISM is subjected to the availability of places, and a satisfactory placement assessment result.

Step 3 – Confirmation of Acceptance

1 - A Letter of Offer will be issued by the school to all successful applicants.

2 - The acceptance of the offer must be confirmed with the payment of the Registration Fees (paid only once, non-refundable) within the timeline as stipulated in the Letter of Offer.

OUR holistic approach ensures that the admission process is child-centred. Offers for the appropriate year level are only made after the admission process and assessments are completed. The criteria considered include what the child has learnt in the past 12 months, the outcome of the assessment, availability of places in the year group and age appropriateness.

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