Field Trip (KLCC Aquaria, Petrosains and Sunway University)

22nd September 2023 –Explore the world with our PISM students on Field Trip Day!

All students went on an educational outing. The Preschoolers, Juniors, Middle 1 and Middle 2 (Year 1 to Year 7) went to Aquaria KLCC and Petrosains.

They first arrived at Aquaria KLCC, an oceanarium where they learned the various marine life and ecosystems. The students then went to Petrosains, where they enjoyed interactive exhibits on science and technology.

The Middle 3 and Senior students (Year 8 to Year 11) had the opportunity to visit Sunway University.

At the university, the students toured the whole campus as they then joined in the #CampusWithAConscience Festival Activity with workshops, talks, exhibitions and a treasure hunt. The students then had fun designing an outfit in the Fashion Design Workshop.